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Put your land to work with a White Pine Solar Lease

With a White Pine Renewables Solar Lease, you can put fallow or underutilized acreage to work, helping you earn money while supporting the planet. As your trusted partner, White Pine Renewables will pay you while we obtain the necessary permits to responsibly build and then manage the project over the term of the lease, delivering to you a steady, and reliable source of long-term revenue.

The Solar Lease Process

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1. Preliminary Studies

Our team conducts preliminary studies to evaluate if your site is suitable for a solar and/or energy storage project.

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2. Lease Contract

We will work with you to sign a White Pine Solar Lease that will allow us to provide you long-term, reliable revenue for the next 35+ years.
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3. Project Development & Construction

Using proven processes and a best-in-class team, we will diligently acquire all necessary approvals, permits, and contracts to be able to start construction. We will then build the project at our expense.

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4. Project Operations

For the project’s full operating life, we will maintain the solar energy system and ensure all rent is paid. At the end of the project’s life, we will return the land to its original condition at our expense so that it can be used by the next generation.

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Generating Reliable Energy Through Valued Relationships

White Pine Renewables works with our partners through every step of the process from concept to construction to long-term operations.

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Site Selection

The best sites for better solar

Based on your goals, White Pine Renewables can provide insights into the use and viability of your parcels and open spaces.

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Leave the paperwork to us

The details can be a complicated element of a build, with permitting, surveys, and evaluations requiring the expertise of an experienced partner.

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Only the best components

All White Pine Renewables’ projects utilize top-quality, Tier 1 equipment - each element chosen with your solar + storage site in mind.

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Project Management

We do all the heavy lifting

We manage the build process with the understanding that long-term success through low-impact practices allows for quick construction without disrupting surrounding property.

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Optimal performance and maintenance

Ongoing maintenance with site and performance monitoring ensures reliability of the solar + storage solutions.

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