Harness the power of the sun

Generate clean, affordable energy.
With no upfront costs and no on-going maintenance.
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Finally, you have the power of choice.

At White Pine Renewables, we make it simple to choose solar energy. We develop, own and operate renewable energy projects that provide you savings with every kilowatt hour generated. No capital investment from you, no long-term maintenance or ownership costs. Just clean, reliable energy — for less than the cost your local utility charges.

How do we do it?

Before we build any solar project, we start by assessing your needs. Are there opportunities for energy efficiency, battery storage or load shifting? Is your site suitable for solar? If so, we will design a solar project for your site, performance-optimized for your energy needs, today and tomorrow.


Our mission is to help businesses and communities make the transition to clean, reliable, affordable energy.

Projects: Developing a National Footprint

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