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Many people don’t know how a Solar Power Purchase Agreement can save their organization thousands of dollars. 

We pay for everything that makes solar panels work at your facility. 

You simply buy energy from the solar panel system at a cheaper rate than the utility. Invest nothing for the panels and get consistent guaranteed electricity savings! 

Public Sector: Find Savings in Your General Budget

Public sector entities across the country are recognizing that solar energy:

  • Delivers savings
  • Meets clean energy goals
  • Addresses increasing energy demands
  • Boosts local economic development 
  • Creates sustainable jobs
  • Enhances energy reliability
  • And more…

How do you maximize your savings?

Local governments and community leaders build partnerships to add solar energy efficiently and effectively.

Universities & Schools: Solar is Powering Education in the 21st Century

It makes sense for education to be powered by Solar. A typical school day uses significant amounts of electricity for:

  • Lights & Fans
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Labs & Computers   
  • Office equipment
  • And more…

Educational facilities have the space:

  • Rooftops & open fields
  • Parking lots & bus bays

Our solar panel system provides immediate savings and additional educational opportunities to expose students to the power of solar.

Businesses: Make Your Business More Profitable

With no cash investment your business will have guaranteed monthly savings. We use a Solar Power Purchase Agreement to free up your cash and achieve clean energy goals. 

America’s largest businesses are investing record amounts in solar. (MW = Megawatts)

  • Target: 203.5 MW
  • Walmart: 149.4 MW
  • Apple: 79.4 MW
  • Kohl’s: 51.5 MW 
  • Costco Wholesale: 50.8 MW
  • IKEA: 44.9 MW 
  • Macy’s: 38.9 MW
  • Amazon.com: 33.6MW 

Do they know something you don’t?

Landowners: Lease your Land to Earn Passive Income or Sell it to Get Cash Now

Land you already have can be used to farm the sun so you can diversify your portfolio.  

Use a Solar Lease or Purchase Agreement to secure income for your future.  By using your land to support a solar farm, your property is unharmed while it works for you. Your land is preserved for generations to come.

We Commit to You

We’re not just solar developers. We’re owner-operators with a vested interest in the long-term viability of our solar farms.

Our solar farms use the best technology available. Low-impact designs minimize water runoff, produce little to no noise and leave no permanent changes to your land.

How We Do It:

  • Generous Terms
  • Community and Environmental Outreach
  • Local Construction and Operations
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Local Energy Distribution

You assume zero responsibility for the maintenance, operation, and any taxes associated with the solar farm.

You’re helping to secure our nation’s energy independence, while providing local homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy.


Government, Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial

A solar system will be installed at your facility with no cash investment from you. Using a Power Purchase Agreement, you will be able to buy electricity from the system at a cheaper rate than from your utility. This will give you guaranteed savings on your electricity bills.


Your low performing or outdated system can be upgraded with the latest technology. We will purchase your system and you will be able to buy energy at a reduced rate from the upgraded system. This will give you extra cash from your old system while guaranteeing you savings on electricity.


If your business is installing solar and your customers are asking for Power Purchase agreements, partner with us. We finance solar projects. We provide Power Purchase agreements for your customers and pay you to install the system.

Asset Management

Your real and financial assets associated with your solar investments need to be monitored and carefully managed. We are long term asset owners and managers. We care deeply about ensuring all of our solar plants are providing the maximum amount of savings to our customers.

Co-Development and Consulting

As industry experts we are committed to working with our customers to ensure they will realize as much value as possible from solar projects whether in development, construction or operation. Our consulting clients are developers, municipalities, cities, business and EPCs.


Our mission is to lead the global clean energy transition through innovation

About Us

White Pine is a full-service solar developer that finances, builds, owns and operates
solar projects and provides solar consulting services. 

White Pine serves public entities, businesses and landowners.
Our clients want to positively impact their financial position while participating in the solar evolution. 

Since 2018 White Pine originated over 550 MW of utility solar farms.
These are currently being developed with Consumers Energy (a Michigan Utility).

We also have commercial and industrial solar projects in operation and development across the U.S. 

 We are driven to establish quality relationships with our clients
by creating win-win partnerships that lead to mutually
beneficial outcomes. Every partnership has a crystal-clear
vision of what success looks like.

White Pine Renewables is committed
to challenging the status quo and thinking differently
about how we all participate with energy.

Projects: Developing a National Footprint

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