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Solar + Storage systems for your company with no upfront cost or ongoing maintenance required.

White Pine Renewables offers flexible Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that help save you money immediately and achieve your environmental goals. A White Pine Renewables PPA protects your business from volatile utility cost increases by locking in a predictable, long-term electricity rate from a solar and energy storage system designed specifically to meet your needs.

  • Immediate savings on energy costs
  • Guaranteed system performance
  • Long-term price certainty
  • No upfront investment required
  • No ongoing operation & maintenance costs
  • Secured energy rates for 25+ years

Our PPA Process

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Energy Use Analysis

How and when you use electricity is critical to determining the benefits of an on-site solar and energy storage solution. An energy use analysis will optimize design to provide the highest value to your business operations.

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Site Evaluation

Our team performs an in-depth examination of the potential site to determine viability. This includes permitting, land diligence, and environmental surveys to ensure long-term success of the solar + storage system.

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Contract Development

Working with proven and straightforward contracts, the development, construction, and maintenance of the system is managed by the White Pine Renewables team, providing you with hassle-free, clean renewable energy at guaranteed rates for decades.

Generating Reliable Energy Through Valued Relationships

White Pine Renewables works with our partners through every step of the process from concept to construction to long-term operations.

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Site Selection

The best sites for better solar

Based on your goals, White Pine Renewables can provide insights into the use and viability of your parcels and open spaces.

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Leave the paperwork to us

The details can be a complicated element of a build, with permitting, surveys, and evaluations requiring the expertise of an experienced partner.

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Only the best components

All White Pine Renewables’ projects utilize top-quality, Tier 1 equipment - each element chosen with your solar + storage site in mind.

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Project Management

We do all the heavy lifting

We manage the build process with the understanding that long-term success through low-impact practices allows for quick construction without disrupting surrounding property.

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Optimal performance and maintenance

Ongoing maintenance with site and performance monitoring ensures reliability of the solar + storage solutions.

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