About us

Good for People.

Good for Business.

Good for the Next Generation.


At White Pine Renewables, energy is more than our business.
It’s our passion.

We’re obsessed with helping our clients benefit from energy that is cleaner, smarter and more affordable than ever before. So you can focus on your business – and your world.

We develop, finance, own and operate innovative renewable energy systems for clients who want to be part of the solar energy evolution. Whether you’re a local business, a municipality or a multinational company, we can help you achieve new levels of profitability, sustainability and energy efficiency.

We’re here to be your long-term energy partner. We help you drive down costs with onsite solar and solar + storage projects financed through our performance-based Power Purchase Agreements, delivering lower cost electricity with no upfront investment.

You only pay for the benefit you receive – good, clean energy, working hard for you every day.

Our team brings more than 50 years of combined renewable energy development expertise to build projects that return significant savings to your bottom line, while leaving the world cleaner, brighter and greener. For this generation – and the next.