How the White Pine Shared Savings Agreement Works

The White Pine Shared Savings Agreement (SSA) for battery energy storage systems (ESS) is a long-term services contract. White Pine deploys and operates an ESS at the customer’s place of business, then the savings produced by the ESS are split between the customer and White Pine.

Energy Storage at No Cost

White Pine covers 100% of costs associated with ESS project development and construction. We also assume all expenses and risks for maintaining and operating the ESS over time. As a performance-based services contract, the SSA provides savings to the customer without burdening their balance sheet.

An Integrated Solution

White Pine is your long-term partner in smart energy management. Our team oversees the entire process from start to finish to ensure our ESS solutions meet your expectations. Delivering all SSA services in a complete package results in a superior customer experience.

Our Shared Savings Agreements incentivize White Pine to produce the maximum amount of savings, because we don’t get paid unless our customers save. We work around the clock to ensure the battery is used to its full potential. 

Typical Shared Savings Agreement Terms

  • 15 to 25-year contract length
  • No upfront costs to the customer
  • Cash flow positive in year one
  • Shared savings on all utility bill reductions
  • Shared revenue on all other ESS services
  • Multiple buyout options or the system can be removed at the end of the contract 
  • Options to extend after contract term has completed
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Benefits of White Pine Shared Savings Agreements

Improve Your Bottom Line

White Pine Shared Savings Agreements help our customers:

  • Reduce electricity costs and hedge against future rate increases
  • Earn revenue from battery services to grid
  • Free up capital for investments in their core business

Ensure Business Continuity

The battery can be configured to automatically provide backup power to customer critical loads during a utility outage.

Unlike generators that are offline most of the year, the battery can also generate revenue when there isn’t a grid outage.

Eliminate Peak Demand Charges

The battery helps businesses shave peak demand to avoid costly demand charges, which can make up as much as 50% of commercial utility bills. The example below shows an battery with a daily discharge process that eliminates peak demand charges to reduce monthly demand charges by 60%.

Energy Storage Operation

The battery discharges during the middle of the day to mitigate a load spike and reduce demand charges. During the evening on peak period, the battery discharges again to reduce on peak energy and demand charges.

Why White Pine Renewables

The White Pine Renewable team have originated, developed, and financed over 2,000 MW of solar and 500 MWh of ESS projects across the United States. Your project will be managed by seasoned executives and professionals who are principals of a company backed by institutional capital.

We take pride in providing outstanding customer service, smart project execution, best-in-class technology, and frictionless transactions. The process is simple, efficient, and cost-effective, resulting in increased savings to your bottom line.

Our relationships with ESS manufacturers, advanced technology providers, and flexible low-cost institutional capital enables us to deploy the latest, best-in-class technology. From start to finish we are focused on finding the right ESS solution for each individual customer.

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Vice President - Energy Storage